Hair transplants are increasingly common because many men and women do not want to recognize baldness as a fatality anymore. The FUE hair transplant technique is the only reversible hair loss treatment combined with a safe lifestyle. Especially since this new approach has largely replaced the outdated FUT technique.

This latest hair surgery approach makes hair transplantation almost painless.

What differentiates the FUE hair transplant from other approaches?

The FUE procedure is one of two methods of hair transplant therapy. FUE stands for “follicular unit extraction” while the older FUT means follicular unit transplantation. Though technically the FUE is more complex than other techniques. On the scalp it’s by all means gentler – both at the donor and the recipient area.

Individual hair is first removed from the donor area in a FUE hair transplant, and then reinserted into the recipient area. So bald spots on different areas of the body can be filled in. Not only on the head, but on the eyebrows, the beard or the chest as well. Naturally, this treatment for hair loss is not just used in our clinic. However we decided to use the FUE method exclusively.

The reason for this is that we always want our patients to get the best possible result. Our special cold storage of the grafts (implants) between the individual treatment steps is what differentiates our treatment from the others which is why it is one of the best fue hair transplants in Chennai. We have developed a special process which guarantees a higher rate of growth.


The duration of a hair surgery varies from patient to patient. The required treatment time depends on the numbers of grafts needed. You will be informed about the expected duration of the transplantation in the Preliminary interview.


The FUE hair transplant is suitable for both men and women. Treats efficiently :
hereditary, circular or diffuse hair loss issues. This surgery technique is also used for eyebrow and beard transplant.


A professional follow-up is an essential step of successful hair surgery. A thorough aftercare is an important precaution that ensures the best possible final


We use the Comfort in system it is a local anaesthetic delivery method that does not use syringes or needles. The solution is injected under the scalp thanks to a pressure technique.

The treatment of FUE hair loss explained

Upon arrival at THE HAIR EXPERTS Clinic, a patient’s preliminary examination is held. The blood is taken, and the scalp is analyzed in detail. The donor ‘s hair is shaved before proceeding begins. That is the only way of ensuring the grafts are removed perfectly. Once the donor area is ready, the scalp is applied with a local anesthetic.The grafts are extracted with the help of a micromotor as the anesthesia kicks-in.

The benefits of a FUE hair transplant

The advantages of an FUE hair transplant are not negligible. The Hair Experts are now working with that technique exclusively. It is helpful to get an overview of the benefits when deciding our the FUE hair treatment in Chennai:

  • The hair regrowth is much higher than in traditional methods
  • Since no skin strips are removed the healing phase is considerably shorter
  • You can transplant other hairs
  • The hair can be cut short on the donor area, as it is not harmed during the procedure
  • With this treatment for hair loss a denser transplantation is possible
  • Compared to other surgical techniques the recovery period is significantly reduced

Proven specialists perform the treatment to ensure your FUE hair transplant is successful. As already mentioned, a special biotin rich solution is used by “The Hair Experts” during interim storage of the grafts removed. In this particular solution the steps of storing grafts have a huge impact on the growth rate of hair follicles.

The Hair Experts