Non-surgical hair restoration is the safest option for baldness.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Two hours is the time it takes to get a natural hairline. Remember how great it was to feel when you ran your fingers through your hair? You should welcome the feeling back. Fast and considerably cheaper than surgery, Advance Clinics’ high‑quality, non‑surgical hair replacement in Chennai can revive your old look or make you look much better before your hair loss starts and give your natural hair feel. You can wash your hair and brush it, style your hair like you always wanted, swim as much as you want, and even have sand in your hair.

  • Non-surgical hair replacement procedure with no scars,no pain or side effects
  • 100% natural results
  • Get any desired look in 2 hours
  • Custom-made fine membrane made in Europe
  • Made of 100% virgin, unprocessed human hair
  • Looks and feels absolutely natural
  • Customized skin for every individual depending upon their requirements and matching color, texture and density of the existing hair
  • Easily maintainable and washable. Swim, comb, style, shampoo just like natural hair
  • Fits perfectly, ensuring an absolute stability under any circumstances
  • Perfect for men or women of any age suffering from hair loss
  • Fixed by a highly-trained professional and qualified team of hair experts, one of the best clinics for non-surgical hair replacement in Chennai.
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