Usually it takes three to four months for the hair to grow out. After that it will grow about half an inch per month which is the same rate as the donor hair. Initial hair quality is usually very thin, like baby hair. Then, it becomes coarser over time. Sometimes the initial hair is curlier, and then it straightens in about one year. The color of the initial hair may also be darker and later will be lightened by the sun.

Pre-existing hair adjacent to the transplanted grafts may shed, giving a thinner look, but hair will begin to grow back within a few months. This temporary thinning of pre-existing hair is called Telogen Effluvia. Unfortunately there is a time lag between this increased thinning of pre- existing hair and re-growth of transplanted hair.

No. It is a minor surface surgery, literally only skin deep, and one of the safest surgical procedures ever performed. You are under the care of qualified medical staff at all times.

No, with the proper technique in application of anesthesia it is not painful. Most patients watch a movie or take a nap while we work. Afterwards, they tell us that during the procedure they felt no pain. Any discomfort they feel afterwards is usually very temporary and nearly always minimal. Approximately 25% of patients elect to take pain relieving pills during the following 1-2 days.

Your transplant will be fully grown approximately 9 months after your All Follicular Unit Mega session.

This technique redistributes existing, healthy hair. It does not create any new hair. A properly performed Hair Transplant procedure will give enough hair that’ll make you look much better than you were earlier.

Advanced Hair Studio is regarded as the one stop shop for any kind of hairloss concerns. Our team of hair loss experts have specialized in providing solutions for hair thinning as well as balding. you need to visit us at one of our studios, so that we can check the condition of your hair loss and know the severity of your hair loss and suggest the suitable method or the combination of different methods. Once we get the idea of the effects of hair loss on your head, we tailor the combination of hair loss procedures customized for you.

Transplants have been in the arena for a good number of years now with a wide range of its success and failures. Our experts having had the exposure across the platform have hence created a unique program of Strand-by-Strand to support the expectations of our patrons and yes the results achieved so far during all these years are proof enough to expect them to be achieved for sure.

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