The beard will take on a very important role for people. Facial hairs are no complement to fashion, but definitely a component in beauty. That’s why people with baldness issues are becoming more likely to have a beard or a hair transplant done.

By doing so they try to reclaim what is called masculinity’s most iconic characteristic. Even with younger men, the beard may make a man’s face appear more masculine or mature. In addition , it can help mask other defects, such as acne or wounds caused by injuries.

It can also compensate for a very small nose, or other indications that may make one feel insecure by growing a beard. Also, one needs to have the properly desired effect for different styles of beards such as the stubble or the 3 day beard.

The perfect strategy to help grow beard!

Naturally not every man has dense facial hair, because that is mostly dictated by genetics. Men with black hair most often have thicker eyebrows than those with blonde or red-hairs. In addition, hormones can play a role and be responsible for rather poor growth of the beard.

Additionally, there is always an antidote for all of this. Who wants to experiment with daily injections of hormones that have already proved ineffective? The beard transplant is one method that is guaranteed requires little time spent, without hope and waiting to be disappointed.

An affordable solution for recovering facial hair

It is no longer uncommon today to have a beard transplant. On the contrary, the high inquiry has led to increasing numbers of transplant specialists turning to face hair as well. Anyone who suffers from a lack of beard hair can confide safely in the care of a specialist to get a full-fledged beard restore.

Beard transplants with state of the art "Made in Germany" technology

You don’t have to rely on the standard or the assessment of the expert. Our Hair and beard transplants in Chennai have been successfully conducted for many years now at our hair loss facility. We only work with the most up-to – date technology made in Germany to ensure all devices meet the highest standards. Our specialist works with a highly qualified and well trained team in the field.

What are the procedures for a Beard Transplant?

The procedure for beard implants is performed, outpatient. The duration of the operation generally varies by the number of grafts to be transplanted. Most of our beard transplants are typically done in about six hours of operation. The portion of the face concerned is treated under local anaesthesia before the surgery. Our methods, one of the best beard transplants in Chennai,  guarantee the patient an accommodating and pain-free treatment. You will have to wait at least three months after the intervention before ultimately being able to fully benefit from the result.

For our surgeries, we use the tested FUE hair transplant technique. It also involves transplantation of skin, as skin and hair follicles have identical structures. The FUE approach is the easiest way to end up developing a whole beard or restoring bald patches.

The most successful approach is the beard transplant!

A successful beard surgery has many advantages for those with issues with baldness. Most notably because the well-being has a positive impact. Especially as beard is a significant symbol of masculinity

Further information on the transplantation of follicular cells can be found on our website. Whether you have any concerns or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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